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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Postby likwid » Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:54 pm


The game won't connect
Make sure your browser is not blocking any popups from Facebook. Mini Heroes needs your authentication from Facebook in order to fully connect.

How do I move?
Click on the position you'd like to move to. Your character should then automatically move to that spot.

How do I fight?
If you see an enemy or enemy mob in a dungeon, put your mouse over it. If the mouse cursor turns into a sword, this means you are able to battle this enemy. Simply click on the enemy to move to it and automatically initiate battle.

How do I get into my house?
After completing the quest "Cootie Killa", return to your land and talk to the Sigil. The Sigil will then remove the stone blocking the door to your house. Use your shovel to remove any unwanted water that may also be blocking your path.

Why is my character walking so slow?
Your character must be over-weight. Try selling or trashing some of the items inf your inventory to remove weight. You can also store these items in your "Storage" at home.


How do I equip an item?
Open up your inventory screen by clicking on the inventory button at the bottom of the screen. Double-click on the piece of equipment to equip it to your character. If you had another piece of equipment already equipped, it will automatically be removed.

How do I remove equipment?
To remove an item you have equipped, simple double-click on that equipment's icon beside your character in the inventory screen.

How do I repair an item?
Open the inventory screen. Single-click on the item you'd like to repair and click on the "Repair" button at the bottom of the inventory screen. Your item will then be sent to your Work Shop to be repaired. It is free to repair items, however it will take time to be repaired.

How do I speed up repairs?
Click on the Work Shop icon to open your Work Shop. Here you can see how much time is left for an item to be repaired. If you'd like to speed it up, you can pay the amount of Paragons shown to the right of the item.

I can't equip my item!
If you cannot equip your item, there are a few possible reasons:
- Your item is broken and needs to be repaired. When you put your mouse over the item's icon, check to see how much "Durability" it has.
- Your character's level does not meet the item's requirements.
- Your character's skill level does not meet the item's requirements.


How do I craft an item?
Click on the "Crafting" button at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the interface that will allow you to create equipment by "Smithing" or create potions using "Alchemy".

How do I create equipment?
Open the Crafting interface and make sure the "Smithing" tab is selected at the top of the interface. In order to craft a piece of equipment, you will need 2 items: A Template and a Material. Click on the "Template" box and select the equipment template you'd like to use on the right side of the interface. You can then select the Material you'd like this equipment to be made out of by clicking the "Material" box. You can also optionally add "Infusers" to your creation. Click the "Craft" button to see if your combination was successful.

What are Infusers?
Infusers are items that can be added to your crafted equipment to give it special powers. These can do anything from increase your stats, to give your equipment magical properties. If you add 3 Infusers to equipment it will even dye it a unique color!

My Craft failed?
This means that your chosen Template and Material were not a successful match. A failed craft attempt will not destroy the items involved. Try another combination!

How do I create potions?
Open the Crating interface and click on the "Alchemy" tab at the top of it. You can now use 1-3 fruits in any combination to create a potion. You can only combine fruits with similar properties together to create a successful potion (a potion cannot both heal and deal damage).


How do I hatch an egg?
If you find a monster egg in battle, you can incubate it to hatch it into a new pet. Bring your egg to your home and click on your "Incubator". You can now add your egg, along with "Infusers" to give your new pet special powers when it hatches! Adding Infusers will also change the color of your pet.

My pet died! Now what?
Your pet will revive automatically after a certain amount of time. This amount of time is based on the pet's level. If you'd like to revive your pet instantly, you can use the Resurrection Totem in town for a fee.

How does my pet evolve?
You pet will evolve at different levels. As your pet evolves, it will learn new abilities. When it reaches its final stage, you will even be able to show off by riding your pet!

What is the smiley face on my pet's info?
The smiley face displays your pet's current happiness level. When your pet is unhappy, its attacks and defense will drop. It may also not let you do certain actions like "Stop/Return", "Perform", or "Mount".
You can make your pet happy by feeding it fruit.

Where do I get fruit?
You can get fruit from harvesting your plants after they have grown to a certain level. You can also get fruit from chopping down trees.


How do I plant seeds?
Seeds can be planted by first selecting your Pick Axe tool by clicking the Pick Axe icon at the bottom of the screen. Once selected, double click on a patch of land to turn it into soil. After you have created soil, simply click the yellow "Seeds" button to the right of the tool icons and select the seed you'd like to plant. Double click on the soil to plant your seed.

How do I water my plants?
Click on the Watering Can icon and then double click on the plant that needs watering. If your watering can is out of water, simply double click on some water to fill it up.

How do I harvest my plants?
Simply click on the plant you'd like to harvest. Your character will then move to this plant and harvest its fruit.

My plant isn't producing fruit
Plants will produce fruit after they have grown to a certain stage. Saplings are unable to produce fruit. Once a plant is able to produce fruit, you will see the fruit grow in various stages on the plant.

What do I do with fruit?
Fruit is used for several things:
- Feed it to pets to keep their "Happiness" level high.
- Craft with it by clicking the "Alchemy" tab to create potions.


How do I attack?
When it's your turn to attack, there will be icons on the right hand side of the screen that allow you to choose your action. For example, to do a magic attack, click on the "Magic" icon. You will then be presented with a list containing all of the magic actions your character knows. Click on the action you'd like to do and then click on a target to initiate it.

I died in battle!
If you die in battle, you are given the option to Return Home or Revive.
If you choose to Return Home, you will be instantly teleported back to your land and will be a ghost until you revive.
If you choose to Revive, you will instantly come back to life in battle with full health and no penalties.
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