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Re: Boss Location

Postby likwid » Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:43 pm

Shadowcatt wrote:I went through the level 4 dungeon with a friend before I had flagged the Cootie Prince quest, and killed the Spiky Prince. He received the quest completion.

After running out of keys, and wanting to "complete" this dungeon, we had each purchased more keys, and I had picked up my next set of available quests since I had recently leveled up. One of these quests was the Cootie Prince quest.

Unfortunately, it did not register that I had already killed it, so we decided to go back through. We went through twice, and did not find the Spiky Prince. We wasted an awful lot of keys in the process, and I am not very happy.

Is the Prince a guaranteed Pop? If not, you should really make it one; and register previous defeats for quest-related fights like this.

Cootie Prince will no longer show up once you complete the quest. The fact that you have not completed the quest yet, and having the Cootie Prince no longer show up, may be due to your friend being the party leader.

We will make sure he shows up if any player in the party has the quest. Please message me your username.
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